Project extension granted to EASY-RES!

Project extension granted to EASY-RES!

  • 10:27AM Jan 26, 2021
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We are starting off the year with great news! The EASY-RES project will be extended for another 6 months until the end of 2021.

What is the reason for the extension? Due to strict limitations during the corona virus related lockdown in early 2020, the project team was not able to run the crucial tests of EASY-RES research findings in the laboratories of TU Delft and the University of Sevilla as scheduled. The lab tests of EASY-RES findings are inevitable to proof their technical feasibility and to further evolve the technical readiness of project results. Therefore, the project partners had to officially apply for the project extension at the European Commission.

Other big news? The project team warmly welcomes Bayern Innovativ to the team! Bayern Innovativ formally took over WP7 beneficiary ZD.B. Luckily, the change of beneficiaries entailed no staff turnovers and the WP7 crew stays the same.

Read all details in our latest Press Release:

EASY-RES Press Release January 2021

Photo by ESB Basic on Shutterstock.

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