100% renewable.
100% secure.
Our vision:
100% renewable.
100% secure.
Our vision:

European Research Project

Enable Ancillary Services by Renewable Energy Sources

100% renewable, 100% secure! This is the decisive and highly relevant vision of EASY-RES. We are developing novel control algorithms and innovative Ancillary Services, which will allow the penetration of up to 100% of renewable energy sources in the European energy system. We are paving the way for a more sustainable power grid, which delivers energy from renewables reliably and securely.

EASY-RES Key facts

4.56 Million
Objective 1
Increase the robustness of the power system towards abrupt frequency changes by introducing virtual inertia and damping in DRES, thereby adopting characteristics similar to SGs.
Objective 2
Contribute to the stability of the grid by providing frequency-dependent active power.
Objective 3
Increase the DRES penetration levels at both LV and medium voltage (MV) level, while avoiding investments for grid reinforcement.
Objective 4
Make the RES more grid-friendly by i) reducing the short-term electric power fluctuations at both DRES and HV/MV substation level and ii) introducing active harmonics filtering to each DRES converter.
Objective 5
Preserve the long-term grid security even under very large DRES penetration, by reducing reserve requirements after fault recovery.
Objective 6
Develop viable business models for all the stakeholders by (i) proposing new metrics for the quantification of the various AS and (ii) evaluating the economic cost and benefit of all the developed AS.

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The stability and security of the traditional electrical power systems is largely based on the inherent properties of synchronous generators (SGs). Such properties are: the grid-forming capability, the inertia and damping of transients and the provision of large currents during faults.

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The EASY-RES consortium consists of 5 universities, 1 industrial SME, 3 DSOs, 1 TSO and 1 SME acting as dissemination and exploitation manager. The partners inside the consortium have joined after meeting specific requirements related to the foreseen project results and objectives.

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