Who’s Who: Charis Demoulias

Charis Demoulias explains his role in the EASY-RES project and its importance for the future of renewable energies. His work package aims to provide new ancillary services to improve DRES grid stability, while at the same time bringing down the costs of renewables, in order to allow up to 100% DRES grid penetration in the future.

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Renewable energy, windmill

First EASY-RES Progress Report 2019

Much has happened since the EASY-RES project has started and we are proud to present the first of our regular biyearly progress reports in 2019, where we provide detailed insights into the progress of each of our work packages (WPs).

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Open EMS

Launch of OpenEMS Foundation

OpenEMS (Open Source Energy Management System) is a modular platform for energy management applications. The platform controls, monitors and integrates energy storage systems in the context of renewable energy sources, complementary devices and services. Diverse manufacturers, universities and service providers flagged their interest in supporting FENECON GmbH, an EASY-RES partner specialized in energy storage systems, […]

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