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A new voltage control scheme for active medium-voltage (MV) networks

  • 10:00AM May 06, 2019
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Georgios C. Kryonidis, Charis S. Demoulias, and Grigoris K. Papagiannis, “A new voltage control scheme for active medium-voltage (MV) networks", Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 169, pp. 53 – 64, Apr. 2019.

The main objective of this paper is the effective voltage regulation in radial medium-voltage (MV) distribution networks with high distributed generation (DG) penetration, ensuring near-minimum active power losses. For this purpose, a new control strategy with low computational complexity is proposed. The method exploits the reactive power capability of DG units to mitigate overvoltages in coordination with the on-load tap changer of the high- /medium-voltage transformer to achieve power losses reduction. The control scheme is further enhanced by the active participation of MV loads in the voltage regulation process, contributing to the reactive power control of DG units.

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