EASY-RES Panel at ISGT Europe 2020

EASY-RES Panel at ISGT Europe 2020

Online Panel Session 10:30am - 12:15pm CET
Wednesday, 28. October 2020

The EASY-RES team will stage a panel session on this year’s prestigious IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe). The topic of the panel is: ‘Ancillary Services Provided by Power-Electronics Interfaced Distributed Renewable Energy Sources Connected in Distribution Grids’.

When is the EASY-RES panel taking place?

The online panel session is scheduled on Wednesday, 28 October 2020, 10:30am to 12:15pm.

What is the scope of the EASY-RES panel session?

Although power-electronics interfaced Distributed Renewable Energy Sources (PEI-DRES) are highly proliferated at distribution systems, their intermittent and inertia-less nature still prohibits the overall decommission of bulk synchronous generators (SGs), whose inherent properties are the basis of robust and stable transmission systems. Towards this direction, the increased controllability of PEI-DRES should be exploited so as they can provide Ancillary Services (AS) similarly to SGs. This panel session will provide a further insight on this topic through the ongoing research in the H2020 EU project EASY-RES. The individual topics to be discussed include:

  1. Enabling Vital AS in a bottom-up approach: From PEI-DRES to DSOs, and DSOs to TSOs. The EASY-RES Concept and Objectives (15 minutes)
  2. Enabling Provision of AS by PEI-DRES: Presentation of the grid-forming Unified Virtual Synchronous Generator Model with enhanced functionalities (virtual inertia, ramp-rate control, operation in frequency sensitive mode, controllable reactive power, contribution to fault clearing and harmonic mitigation) – (20 minutes)
  3. Development of an ICT System at distribution system level addressing security of communication, interoperability among various legacy communication protocols and transparency of data exchange among all relevant stakeholders – (15 minutes)
  4. Coordinated provision of AS to DSOs and upstream TSOs: Aggregation of Virtual Inertia and Frequency response, Autonomous Voltage Regulation and Reactive Power support, Protection coordination – (15 minutes)

After the presentations from the penallists there is time for a Q&A section.

Who will be the panellists?

Charis Demoulias, AUTH (moderation)

Jose Maria Maza Ortega, USE

Juan Manuel Mauricio, USE

Milos Cvetkovic, TUD

Hermann De Meer, Uni Passau

Kyriaki-Nefeli Malamak, AUTH

Find more on the panellists here.

How to register for the event?

Please register here.

What to know about the ISGT Europe 2020?

This year’s online event is taking place from 26-28 October 2020 under the theme ‘Smart Grids: key enablers of a green power system‘. The event is hosted by IEEE Power and Energy Society and our EASY-RES Consortium Partner TU Delft. The ISGT is one of the two flagship conferences of IEEE PES organized in Europe. It focuses on industrial and manufacturing theory and applications for the wide use of information and communication technologies and integrated renewable and distributed energy resources on the electric grid. Find more details on the event website.

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